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Fuck It, It’s Friday: Hey Drew Brees, Stop Giving Your Kids Weird Names

"Come back here or I'll change your name to Splugen!"

“Come back here or I’ll change your name to Splugen!”

I want to start this off by pre-emptively throwing myself at the feet of Breesus for forgiveness.

Okay, got that out of the way. Let me dust myself off. Continue reading

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The Trial Of Johnny Manziel’s Middle Finger

Okay, it's pretty funny

Okay, it’s pretty funny

If you have ESPN (or know someone who knows someone that does) then by now you have most likely become aware of the incident on Monday night where Johnny Manziel gave the Redskins the bench the middle finger.

Johnny Football faces a fine from the NFL, and the stigma of his teammates. But more important of any of that, he must now stare down the barrel of justice in our highly prestigious court room. Today the former Heisman winner faces three counts of “Forcing his Teammates to Answer a Bunch of Stupid Questions for the Rest of their Lives” and ten counts of “Dude, Seriously?” Ben Van Iten is the prosecution while Nate Raby will be handling the defense.

These are their closing statements.

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Fuck It, It’s Friday: Why Does RG3’s Mom Have A Website?

Since his meteoric rise to the Rookie of the Year in 2013, Robert Griffin III’s off-field stock has taken several hits. There has been the injury fiasco with Shanahan, the “Operation Patience” shirts, the speculation of his work habits and attitude, and most of all his lackluster sophomore campaign. These have all contributed to an air of skepticism and negativity about Washington’s starting quarterback.

Hey, Jackie Griffin: you ain’t helpin. Continue reading

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Fuck It, It’s Friday: Donovan McNabb is Going To Be the Best Color Analyst Ever

Oh, this is going to be fun.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

A few days ago, it was announced that Donovan McNabb, among other former NFL pros, would be moving to the booth for gameday color commentator duties (slow down there, Rush Limbaugh). As preseason games start to get underway, we need to prepare ourselves for a world where Troy Aikman does not have the most annoying and frequent “Back in my day” moments in the broadcast booth.

And because, fuck it, it’s Friday, I’ve compiled a list of not-all-that-unlikely scenarios that may happen during this season while McNabb covers games. You know, so you can prepare yourself by purchasing earplugs.

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It’s Friday, it’s the offseason, and we’ve already written two pretty serious articles this week. How do we resolve this issue? By bringing in an amazing photograph, of course!




There’s just so many amazing things here. Let’s take a look at this thing piece by piece. Continue reading

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