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The REAL and NOT FAKE AT ALL Story of RG3’s Day After Quitting Twitter

"But I'll keep snapchat...just 'cause."

“But I’ll keep snapchat…just ’cause.”

Hey, guys, it’s me, RG3. I’m writing through this blog to let you know that I’m quitting social media for now. I didn’t like the way people criticized me for my poor play.  It was unfair for people to just attack me through social media like that. And I thought that was that, you know? I could go about my business, throw a billion interceptions, and not have to hear about it.

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Your Favorite Team Sucks: The Chicago Bears

I want to start this off by saying that I understand.

I understand why the Bears signed Jay Cutler to an extension. I understand why they didn’t just roll the dice with Josh McCown. Quarterback is a tricky position, and if you have a guy who is good enough, you don’t get rid of him for the mystery. The quarterbacks who could have replaced Cutler were no guarantee to be better, or even comparable. Getting rid of a quarterback with talent is one of the hardest things for a franchise to do. So I completely understand.

But at the same time, sometimes you’re in a situation where you lose no matter what you do.

And that’s where your favorite team finds itself. No matter what the Bears do, they suck.

Just one of many great results of my "Bears suck" google search

Just one of many great results of my “Bears suck” google search

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God Hates Arizona

And not just because of their crazy politicians.



This guy is your starting quarterback now. He may or may not have played Beans in Even Stevens, and now he’s your quarterback. You’re going to make the playoffs, which means this guy may be facing actual legitimate defenses.

I’d say good luck, but you won’t get any. God hates you, Arizona. If Drew Stanton wasn’t proof enough, last night’s Catanzaro-fest should be. Either start praying or change your team colors, because clearly it makes you look like the Devil, which is causing God to smite you.

Kurt Warner should’ve never retired. He loved Jesus.

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Cam Newton Is an Asshole In Football, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Be One In Real Life

Nate is a loyal Saints fan, and has been ever since he was wearing an Aints bag on his head in Dome games in the early 90s. Every once in a while, though, he needs to disagree with a majority of the Who Dat Nation when they hold ridiculous opinions, like the opinion that Cam Newton deserved his car wreck because he’s a jerk.


Seriously, this is nothing to laugh at. (Source: ABC News)

Seriously, this is nothing to laugh at. (Source: ABC News)

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All Snark Aside: Rest in Peace, Bryan Burwell

The second column for this feature is also about a journalist, but with a much sadder tone. Bryan Burwell, a sports reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, died early this morning at the age of 59.


Burwell covered the Rams and Mizzou football for the Post-Dispatch, but he was most memorable to me as one of the faces on Sports Reporters every Sunday morning on ESPN. As a child, Sports Reporters was one of my favorite shows. It was my first experience with a sports panel, and even though there are several examples of such a panel in today’s media, Sports Reporters has always stuck with me as an exemplary show. It covers several sports topics among journalists who for the most part aren’t me-first reporters (although Jason Whitlock did spend some time on the show), and their expertise and insight in the world of sports is refreshing to this day. Burwell was particularly memorable on the show, as his professionalism and insight was impossible to overlook.

Though I haven’t watched the show in several years, every time I saw Burwell on a documentary or interview, I got excited. I’ve always thought of him as a well respected member of the journalism community, and from all indications others do as well. It is sad to lose such a prolific and effective journalist.

Sports Reporters, and particularly their parting shots at the end of each show, is the reason I wanted to spend my life talking about sports. Bryan Burwell was a big part of that. So rest in peace, Bryan Burwell. You will be missed.

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