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Fuck It, It’s Friday: Here’s Some Pictures of People Wearing Other Offensive Jerseys

Some guys will go to such lengths to not wear a Joe Flacco jersey

Some guys will go to such lengths to not wear a Joe Flacco jersey

Look at those Ravens fans, flocking to the stadium in their Ray Rice jerseys. It was expected, of course, because as much as we try, some people just love to do things for shock value. And if that’s your thing, cool, I guess. I might find you to be scum of the earth, but that’s probably the reaction you want, so rock on.

Seeing those Rice jerseys at the game last night brought to mind some of the most offensive jerseys I’ve seen. If you’re a battered woman, a dog that’s been electrocuted, or really anyone who is decent, this list probably won’t make you happy. Sorry!


How do you honor a guy who conspired to commit his pregnant girlfriend, promise not to flee the state if the baby died, then tried to anyway? Obviously by wearing his jersey while you yell at the clerk for forgetting the extra peppers on your nachos!


Double whammy!

What do you get when you cross a wife-stabber and a dog-killer? I don’t know how to end this joke, but it’s horrifying!


Obviously this guy was trading in the jersey, but did you really have to wear it there, dude? Bonus article: Aaron Hernandez jerseys are collector’s items. I love our country!

Brace yourself, because these jerseys are about to get worse…


This guy also wishes he could go back to college

God, I can’t even take it.



It’s so offensive.



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McCoy vs. PYT Burger: Who’s In The Wrong? Well, It’s Definitely Not PYT Competitor Sketch Burger!

Nestled between the stories of domestic abuse and potential suspensions being overturned, another short running back is getting into some hot water over a burger run gone wrong. According to Yahoo, LeSean McCoy left a 20 cent tip on a 60 dollar bill at PYT Burger. After the initial backlash against McCoy for a bad tip, and the subsequent backlash against PYT for posting his receipt on the internet, it’s hard to tell who’s right and who’s wrong here. But you know who’s definitely not wrong? Sketch Burger, a delicious burger joint on Girard Ave and direct competitor of PYT, open 7 days a week!

"Man, I wish this was a Sketch Burger!"

“Man, I wish this was a Sketch Burger!”

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How To Appropriately Overreact To Week 1’s Games

The first week of the NFL season is in the books. And as fervent hypocrites and fans of football, we’re all chomping at the bit to analyze and process what happened Sunday and Monday. And everyone knows from watching ESPN all day that the only way to talk about football is to overreact to it. It’s the new hotness that Will Smith is always talking about.

"Hey, Browns fans, would you mind looking at this?

“Hey, Browns fans, would you mind looking at this?

The problem, of course, is finding the right way to vocalize your overreaction. I mean, how do you put into words your gross, generalized opinion based on limited information so that it makes the most impact? Well, look no further, because I’m going to tell you exactly what to say. And because I’m so giving, I’ll even give you an accompanying action to really drive home your point. Continue reading

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I Suck At Fantasy Football: Introduction

(Editor’s Note: This feature is written by Matt Krawczyk, who is more of a hockey fan than a football fan. He joined his first fantasy football league, and he wanted to write about his struggles and exploits for us. This is his introduction.)


Soon, very soon, I will show you a draft order. I will show you a draft order and you will cry (or laugh at me; this is more likely, really), but first I must tell you a tale. Brace for words. Words are coming.

At some point this summer I decided that I wanted to join a fantasy football league and write about the experience each week, and I wanted to do this from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know all that much about football beyond “Gronk is fragile as fuck”, “Everyone on the Ravens is a war criminal”, and “LOLOLOLOLOL WES WELKER HAS A BIG HELMET”. Oh, and “Len is wrong about pretty much everything”. Can’t forget that one.

But that’s where my knowledge stops, and as someone who used to know things I would very much like to know things again. I also figured this little excercise would be a good way to get back into things, because simply by virtue of having a team will I feel compelled to watch all the things, read all the things, and do complicated maths. I also thought this would be a fun thing to do: I’d pick a team, write some self-depricating things each week, watch everyone have a good laugh at my expense, and then weep softly into a bag of Doritos as I eat my feelings away.

Artist rendering of author

Artist rendering of author

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Fuck It, It’s Friday: Can We All Agree the State Farm Hans and Franz Commercial is the Best Thing Anyone’s Ever Done?

Last night, Aaron Rodgers played valiantly against the Seattle Seahawk defense, who at this point are looking like the boss battle at the end of a really tough JRPG.

Yeah, that was just an excuse to use this.

He showed flashes of his brilliance, was able to extend plays and made some decent throws despite the constant pressure and consistent receiver mugging that Seattle is known for. But ultimately, he posted a pedestrian 23-for-33 for 189 yards, a touchdown and a pick.

Luckily for Rodgers, this was not his only performance of the night. And his other one was a smash. Continue reading

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