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Football fans are obsessed with lists. We are no different.

The Fourth Annual Footbawl Blog End of Season Awards!

We spared...expense

We spared…expense

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Fourth Annual End of Season Awards! We’ve been at this for quite a while, and our hard work has finally paid off! Here to host our awards is none other than comedy legend Seth Meyers!

Seth Meyers: Hey, guys! Excited to be here. Let’s start this off right. I was giving the Patriots a ride to the awards show here, but we were a little late. Apparently our tires were deflated.

Nate: GET OUT.

Seth Meyers: Thanks you’ve been a great crowd!

Nate: Okay, let’s start the stupid award show already. Continue reading

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Third Annual Footbawl Blog Football-Themed Halloween Costumes

It’s October 31st. You’re sitting in your apartment, looking at all the blueprints you’ve drawn up. The costume you had planned since March. The fabric that you swore you could whip up into an awesome top, even though you’ve never put a needle to thread in your life. The texts from multiple friends about “THE PERFECT GROUP COSTUME.”

And none of it will get done because you’re a lazy asshole who can never do anything right. You’re probably a Jaguars fan. (Just kidding, they don’t exist.)

Anyway, don’t feel too bad about yourself, because The Footbawl Blog is here with another fantastic edition of Footbawl Themed Halloween Costumes. They’re easy to make, they’ll display your creativity, and you’ll probably only have to explain the costume three or four times tonight! Continue reading

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5 Trades That Should Have Happened (Or: Would Have Amused Us)

Gonna need a warmer coat than that!

Gonna need a warmer coat than that!

The NFL trade deadline has never been as exciting as its counterpart in MLB or the NBA, but usually SOMETHING happens.

Tuesday’s trade deadline saw no Herschel Walker trades, no franchise changing excitement, only under achieving safety Marc Barron going from the Buccaneers to the Rams. But, because we love lists and we love being hypothetical, here’s five trades that should have happened. And by should have happened I mean it would have amused us. Continue reading

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Top 5 Most Exciting Moments of the Tennessee Titans 2014 Season SO FAR

Yeah, that's right. Charlie motherfucking Whitehurst.

Yeah, that’s right. Charlie motherfucking Whitehurst.

We’re just about halfway through another exciting season of football action and there’s no better time to look back at five of the most exciting moments in the Tennessee Titans recent contests. I know what you’re thinking: “JUST five?!” See what you think when you check out the list below. Continue reading

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Fuck It, It’s Friday: Here’s Some Pictures of People Wearing Other Offensive Jerseys

Some guys will go to such lengths to not wear a Joe Flacco jersey

Some guys will go to such lengths to not wear a Joe Flacco jersey

Look at those Ravens fans, flocking to the stadium in their Ray Rice jerseys. It was expected, of course, because as much as we try, some people just love to do things for shock value. And if that’s your thing, cool, I guess. I might find you to be scum of the earth, but that’s probably the reaction you want, so rock on.

Seeing those Rice jerseys at the game last night brought to mind some of the most offensive jerseys I’ve seen. If you’re a battered woman, a dog that’s been electrocuted, or really anyone who is decent, this list probably won’t make you happy. Sorry!


How do you honor a guy who conspired to commit his pregnant girlfriend, promise not to flee the state if the baby died, then tried to anyway? Obviously by wearing his jersey while you yell at the clerk for forgetting the extra peppers on your nachos!


Double whammy!

What do you get when you cross a wife-stabber and a dog-killer? I don’t know how to end this joke, but it’s horrifying!


Obviously this guy was trading in the jersey, but did you really have to wear it there, dude? Bonus article: Aaron Hernandez jerseys are collector’s items. I love our country!

Brace yourself, because these jerseys are about to get worse…


This guy also wishes he could go back to college

God, I can’t even take it.



It’s so offensive.



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