Hey Internet: Let’s Pile on Tony Dungy!

Dungy, pictured here, just reflecting about how glad he is not to be gay

Dungy, pictured here, just reflecting about how glad he is not to be gay

You might have read the title of this post and thought I was being ironic.

Perhaps I was annoyed with the internet for collectively taking Dungy out to the woodshed for the last 24 hours.

Nope! Was being literal (well, not completely literal, I don’t think the entire internet should actually pile on top of him – homophobes don’t handle that kind of thing well) I think we should all pile on Tony Dungy and turn this into the PR nightmare that he deserves. In case you missed it Dungy said in an article in the Tampa Tribune that he wouldn’t have taken openly gay pass rusher Michael Sam. After all, he warned, “things will happen”.

“Things will happen.”

What the fuck does that mean? Continue reading

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Laces Out Episode Nine: Sponsored by Arm & Hammer Baking Soda!

On Thursday night, Ben and I got together to record our thoughts on the Jimmy Graham decision, fantasy football and how it makes one of us want to quit forever, and then we spend some time talking about NBA Free Agency. Keep in mind, this was recorded before LeBron made his decision, so it’s a little outdated. And when that Nate guy says he thinks LeBron is going to stay in Miami, remember that he was just joking!

Stream is below. Enjoy!

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Ridiculous Lists: The Top Five Most Bullshit Headlines on NFL.com This Morning

One of the headlines involves this guy. CRAZY RIGHT!?! (photo credit: NFL.com)

One of the headlines involves this guy. CRAZY RIGHT!?! (photo credit: NFL.com)

Why hello again!

Between other writing projects, summer plans, and almost crippling bouts of laziness…I haven’t written for this site in a while. But as the haunting and shitty specter of the offseason begins to slowly dissipate, I figured it was time to get my ass back in gear. That being said, I still had no idea what to write about. I haven’t kept as close of tabs on everything during this offseason as I have the last few prior. When these things happen, I often go to NFL.com to get a general idea of some of the big headlines.

There was really nothing of note, almost to a hilarious extent.

It is with that in mind that I give you the top five most ridiculous stupid bullshit headlines on NFL.com this morning. Continue reading

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Hey, Did You Know Jimmy Graham is a Tight End? A Bunch of Lawyers Told Me!

The NFL has ruled that Jimmy Graham is a tight end.

They went on to rule that water is wet, the sky is blue, and Jerry Jones is a terrible GM.

“This is the worst thing I’ve experienced since lining up against Aqib Talib.”

Honestly, this doesn’t change much. It might make Jimmy a little bitter at his team, but I’m sure Mickey Loomis will be able to assuage his reservations with a good deal. Honestly, this entire thing is a non-story, but since it’s the offseason, it immediately has jumped to the top of every NFL fan’s story list.

Hopefully Jimmy will get enough ice cream to keep him happy, and he’ll be eager to help the Saints going forward.

In other news, it’s July, which means we’re a month away from meaningless NFL action, and two months away from slightly less meaningless NFL action! Expect more coverage, more podcasts, and just as much snarky whining as before! The Footbawl Blog: where you get 8 months of crying in a 12 month package!

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Laces Out Episode Eight: And Only Two Months Late!

A few months ago we recorded a podcast with Tom Holzerman, known for his prolific and entertaining work at The Wrestling Blog. We talked for 40 minutes about football, free agency, and Wrestlemania, which had just happened.

Around the same time, we lost our podcast hosting site. And for two months, I ignored the problem because the offseason makes my brain goopy. I finally have resolved the issue and now present, finally, the latest episode of Laces Out!

Now that the issue is resolved, there should be one soon. After all, there have been so many exciting football things, such as…


Fuck it, enjoy this one!

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