Laces Out Episode Eleven: Fuck the Clippers?

This week on the Laces Out Podcast, contributor Joe Schmidt joined Ben and I as we talked about the Super Bowl, the Buffalo Bills, basketball buzzer beaters, and horrific sports moments. We also had moments where Ben said Rex Ryan is a Top 5 coach and Nate found out he’s the only person who hates the Clippers. It was a great time!

Programmer note: Ben and Joe are a little echo-y because we’re not good at this.

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A Serious Look At The Patriots’ Legacy

A week ago today, we were talking about playcalls, Skittles, and the amazing Left Shark. While we haven’t stopped talking about Left Shark, the conversation has died down on most of the football-related aspects of the Super Bowl. This is how it happens every year: we process what just happened, shove an entire week’s analysis in a span of a few days, and then hibernate like bears until August.

Man I wish I could hibernate until August.

But now, with the confetti being cleaned off of the streets of Boston and teams already making roster moves for next year (Richie Incognito has a job, let’s all get really mad!), it’s a good time to talk about legacies. We’re no longer blinded by the immediacy of the game, so shouting “TOM BRADY IS THE BEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL GALAXIES” won’t be as quickly ignored (although it should be, you should never shout something like that and expect to be taken seriously).

So let’s take a quick look at where this Patriots team stands now that they’ve won their 4th championship in this young century. Continue reading

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The Media Was Right (GASP): The Redskins Don’t See RG3 As QB of the Future

Every once in a while (read: like once a fucking week) the media will latch onto something that is essentially a non-story. It’s usually some perceived slight that the media makes into a much bigger deal than it actually is (“Did LeBron mean to shoulder bump his coach? Does he actually think Coach Spoelstra is Satan?”). So when I first heard about Robert Griffin III being left off of the letter to season ticket holders, I felt like it was probably more of the same. Like perhaps no one was listed and the media was upset that the letter wasn’t basically “HEY THANKS FOR ROOTING FOR THE TEAM RG3 PLAYS FOR!”

So pretty much like this

So pretty much like this

But after reading the letter, I have a new position. I hate to say this, but maybe the media is right about this one. Continue reading

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This Text is On Fire: The Seahawks TOTALLY Lost Because Marshawn Won’t Talk to the Media

My favorite thing to do during Super Bowl celebrations is watch when the cameramen switch off of the happy, jumping, shouting victorious team and focuses instead on the forlorn, agonized, deflated losing team. I like to see the sadness, not because I’m an awful person with an overheightened sense of Schadenfreude, but because I like to see the instant, raw reaction from these gladiators. It makes them more human.

Okay, maybe just a liiiiittle schadenfreude

Mostly I was looking to see how Marshawn Lynch reacted to the loss. Not because he was supposed to get the ball (although he was); but I wanted to see if Lynch realized what we all in the media knew from the start.

This loss is on him for not talking during media day. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Jerkface: Super Bowl Edition!

"In your face, Wilson" - God

“In your face, Wilson” – God

You peer over your laptop at the last few guests left at the Super Bowl party.

“Well, that was a fun season,” you overheard someone say, as they packed up their chips and dip.

“Was?” you ask.

“Well yeah, it’s over.”

“IT’S NEVER OVER!” you scream, and turn your laptop towards the frightened guests.

“What’s that?” Bob manages to utter.




The guests are running now. Maybe they are getting in line for the combine early?

This is Monday Morning Jerkface. Continue reading

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