The Top Five Ugliest Things About the Jets/Titans Game

During Mark's postgame press conference, he just sat there silently while people threw stuff at him

During Mark’s postgame press conference, he just sat there silently while people threw stuff at him

I’ll be honest, almost the entire reason I sat down to watch the Jets/Titans game on Monday night was because of fantasy football implications. I knew it wasn’t going to be a classic game, so my hope was that it would be so bad that it was good…like a B movie, or an ugly Christmas sweater. I was not disappointed! Here are the top five ugliest things about the Monday nighter.

5. The Titans playcalling

Every time I looked up at the TV it seemed like Tennessee had a 2nd and 9. That’ll happen when you run the ball on every first and ten, and everyone in the stadium knows that you are doing it. Besides his 94 yard touchdown run, Chris Johnson was more or less bottled up for the entire game. It just blows my mind that teams like the Titans, who are clearly playing for pride and to figure out which players they want to have around the following year, aren’t willing to open it up more with a young quarterback in situations like this.

4. The Jets wide receivers

When the top two receivers on your depth chart are some guy named Jeremy Kerley and the corpse of Braylon Edwards, maybe you need to re-evaluate the folks in the front office that do the evaluating. Mark Sanchez is not a good quarterback, but he has not been put in a position to succeed either.

3. Anytime the phrase “Gruden Grinder” was mentioned


2. Brett Kern’s last punt

When you are up by four with under a minute left, and you are punting out of your own endzone to maybe the worst offense in football, kicking the ball 19 yards isn’t going to sit well with a lot of people. Even if you get off a slightly below average punt it will likely be too much to overcome. But lucky for Brett he was bailed out by…

1. The utterly atrocious play of Mark Sanchez

You know you’ve had a shitty season when after two consecutive completions for 17 yards, an announcer notes that you are red hot. But seriously, this was dreadful. It seemed like at times Mark was locking onto one receiver in particular and just chucking it up into double or triple coverage, sometimes off of his back foot. He was late on out patterns, over threw deep balls to the post, threw balls into the dirt…and of course four of them went to the other team. It makes sense that the Jets season ended with a fumbled shotgun snap after having the game gift wrapped for them multiple times. On one hand Rex Ryan deserves credit for having a team this beat up and untalented even be in the playoff conversation, but on the other he also deserves a majority of the blame for being too stubborn with the most important position on the field.

Did you watch the Jets/Titans game? If so…are you okay? Let us know in the comments section.


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2 responses to “The Top Five Ugliest Things About the Jets/Titans Game

  1. Len Cosell

    Gentle Ben, you’re a lot nicer than I’m about to be here.

    I grew up in New Jersey for most of my formative years. I remember when the Jets were so bad, Keyshawn Johnson wrote a book about it. That team was coached by Rich Kotite. This team, makes that team seem more tolerable by comparison.

    Honestly, Steve Young & Trent Dilfer covered most everything I want to say here. The Tebow thing if he’s not the starter for Sunday, is an unmitigated waste of time & feasibly, could cost Tebow his career. The Jets have been such a crap shit (not shoot, SHIT), Tebow’s career might be done after this. I don’t believe he’s THAT bad, fuck, he’s probably better than Sanchez at this point. But his treatment this year has been nothing short of pitiful.

    – The hiring of Sparano was nothing short of fucking retarded.
    – Sanchez has been woeful. Tebow has either got him shook to death or simply put, he just fucking sucks. In my Franchise mode with the Jets on Madden, I traded Sanchez. Here’s hoping the Jets cut their losses & do the same.