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Monday Morning Jerkface: Week 15

“Showdown Sunday” has come and gone, and I managed an almost respectable 3-3 on my predictions. I’m supposed to tell you that I know more about the league and the season after yesterday’s games, but let’s be honest…there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason for some of these teams to destroy their opponents or shit the bed. Case and point, the Seattle Seahawks have scored fifty points in back to back games. If you would have told me that was going to happen a few months ago, I might have had you committed. I’m just a man writing about the stuff I saw on the TV.

...might have been wrong about this guy

…might have been wrong about this guy

The blowout/comeback/”just kidding we got this” game

Coming into Sunday night’s game in Foxboro, the Patriots were at the top of almost everyone’s power rankings. Which, given the nature of this league, of course meant that they’d be losing 31-3 at home a few minutes into the third quarter. Continue reading

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